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Slow Food "Thousand Gardens in Africa" News!
July 19th, 2011 | Author: Fiona
Labata Fantalle community garden has been selected to be part of the Slow Food "Thousand Gardens in Africa" project!

Labata Fantalle community garden has been selected to be part of the Slow Food “Thousand Gardens in Africa” project!

Slow Food is embarking on an ambitious project to create food gardens across Africa, in order to cultivate more sustainable and healthy regions. The Slow Food “Thousand Gardens in Africa” project aims to provide education, encourage awareness of local plants and biodiversity, and promotes respect for the environment and sustainable use of soil and water.

The food gardens will be cultivated using sustainable methods such as composting, natural treatments for pests, rational water use, planting local varieties and intercropping fruit trees, vegetables and medicinal herbs. The focus is on helping communities to recover local crops with less need for external inputs, rather than just handing over seeds and fertilizers. The gardens will help to guarantee a daily supply of fresh and healthy food to local communities, improving the quality of life and development of local economies.

Each garden will be managed by communities themselves in collaboration with Slow Food representatives and local partner organisations.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the Karrayyu to become part of a larger African wide network and collaborate with community members from other African countries to share knowledge and experience. Being part of a wider support network is of vital importance due to the unique challenges facing the Karrayyu.

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