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Community Permaculture Training!
May 10th, 2011 | Author: Fiona
Labata Fantalle recently held the first Karrayyu community Permaculture training led by Tichafa Makovere, a Permaculture trainer with over 15 years experience and the founding director of Shumba Integrated Eco Designs.

The training aimed to provide basic knowledge of sustainable agriculture to 15 Karrayyu pastoralists and local development agents from Galcha kebele. Participants started developing a Permaculture design for the project site that incorporates both crop and livestock elements and natural resource management techniques.

During the training community members started to develop a small tree nursery, created designs on the site that will help to conserve both soil and water, began channeling water, and started planting a living hedge using locally available cactus. The site will be used as a community garden by those who participated in the training and others living locally and we hope to include local schools and youth groups in our activities.

The training was very successful and was enjoyed by all the participants. We are extremely thankful to Tichafa who will be visiting the project site monthly in order to provide ongoing support and advice. We will be providing regular updates. Here are some photos from the training: